Selly Oak Tree Day Nursery Ltd is a new small family run nursery. We are open all year round, closing only for bank holidays and Christmas day. Our day starts at 7:30am and ends at 6:00pm Monday to Friday. We aim to provide high quality care and early learning for all children aged six weeks old to when they start school.

The following pages will give you a brief insight into what we offer, however we recommend a personal visit, as there is no better way than to see for yourself.

Here at Selly Oak Tree Day Nursery, we believe children develop and progress best in an environment in which they feel cared for and secure much like a caring ‘home from home’ environment. For that reason, we are ensuring we keep that homely feel. We also feel it is important that each room layout will encourage children’s natural in-built curiosity and desire to explore. Our vision is to create a caring atmosphere where children feel liberated and inspired to learn and make friends.

The safety of children in our care is extremely important to us. The nursery itself is set back from the road with 24 hours CCTV security cameras surrounding and in each room. There are two door entreaty systems to pass through before accessing the nursery.

We are registered with OFSTED and will be inspected on a regular basis. We will also be inspected by the environmental services and the fire department to ensure the maintenance of high standards are kept.


Every child will have a “key Person” (a member of staff). This key person has the special responsibility in supporting you, your child and family. The aim is to share your child's progress and create a strong partnership with good, open on-going communication.

Together you and your key person will identify what your child is already achieving; this valuable information will be used to plan fun meaningful natural experiences for your child.

Observations and assessments are an important ongoing part of our practice therefore; with your permission, we will observe your child’s spontaneous play. When playing children behave in different ways, and we can learn allot from this. Sometimes children’s play can be responsive or boisterous, sometimes they may describe and discuss what they are doing, and sometimes they may be quiet and reflective as they play. By frequently observing and reflecting on our observations, we can identify your child’s individual interests, what they are learning, and how they are developing. Observations are used towards planning for purposeful play and resourcing a challenging environment, which can support your child’s interests.

Throughout your child’s time at nursery, we will put together a memory book-learninglearning journey) and over time this will reveal a story about your child's experiences, learning, friends and activities they have enjoyed. We would encourage parents/carers to add to this learning journey adding things that are important to them, noting new things your child has become interested in, and achieving.

On graduating from Selly Oak Tree Day Nursery your child will receive their special “learning journey” as beautiful reminder for keepsake

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For a personal visit, call us on 

0121 472 0881

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