All nursery rooms are situated on the ground floor with free-flow access to the toilets and garden.

The nursery has a creative outdoor area where all children are able to develop their arts and crafts skills. This area has a water tray, sand pit, painting easel and planting area where children can explore and find out how things work, there is also a large lawn area for physical development. Each main room offers a cosy reading area for independent reading and adult storytelling. Each room offers a cosy area for small group games, jigsaws, puppet shows e.g. each room has a drawing and writing area, role-play and construction area. In our pre-school room, in the near future we hope to offer a computer for children to use at anytime.

All resources have been specifically selected with consideration to support individual needs and reflect Equal Opportunities. Our rooms have been designed to encourage children to explore, investigate and have fun. Resources are displayed at child height encouraging all to be independent and make their own choices. Each day we offer a planned activity, children are encouraged to participate however, we respect children’s decisions about their play and learning experiences.

When your child starts or moves rooms you will be given information on how the room works, this will include information about the room’s layout/ daily routine and our specific aims for the different areas in this room, it will also inform you about our staffs responsibilities and also what you may need to provide.

Each child will receive a booklet giving them information in picture form e.g. where to hang their coats: Where they can, get there snacks and drinks: pictures of staff and were to go to the toilet.


Children will have accidents and it is to be expected that sometimes they will occur during nursery time. Should your child have a minor injury at nursery a trained first aider will treat them, the witness member of staff will fill in an accident form and you will be informed and asked to sign on collecting your child. In the event of a more serious accident, you will be contacted immediately. In an emergency, the emergency services along with yourself will be contacted. For further information please read our policies.


If your child shows symptoms of illness whilst at nursery, we will contact you in order for you to collect your child. It is advisable that children who are unwell should stay at home until they are feeling better.

If your child is unwell, please inform us of their illness. There is a 48-hour exclusion policy regarding most illnesses, however please speak to nursery staff who will advise you on the length of time they will need to be off nursery. This is to prevent the spread of infection. We ask all parents/carers to carefully read our sick child policy.


We can administer medication that has been prescribed by your doctor. You will be required to fill out a form giving permission and clear instructions to administer the medication. All medication will be kept in a secure place out of reach of children at room temperature or a designated place in a refrigerator. A senior member of staff, the amount, only gives medication and a further member of staff verifies instructions. This is recorded and signed by both staff and parent/carer on collection of the child.

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Contact us and see our nursery rooms, call us on 0121 472 0881

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