Our primary aim is to work in partnership with parents/carers, we want to listen to parents and treat each person as an individual. Throughout the year, we will hold three ‘Development Reviews’ where we will discuss your child’s progress and their Learning Journey with you. We have an open access policy regarding any parents/carer with any concerns so please feel free to talk to us, as we are here to support you and your family. At the end of each year, all parents/carers will receive a copy of their child’s report. Throughout the year we will also be holding events such as teddy bears picnic, family fun day, sports day, and graduation, all families are welcome to attend. We want our parents/carers to play a vital role in every aspect of our nursery.


Prior to your child starting at nursery you will be invited to some settling in sessions these sessions are free of charge and are intended to help you and your child adjust to the new surroundings and staff.
Some children will settle in quicker than others will and, as we are aware, each child is different and therefore our settling in policy is very flexible. You and your key person will discuss and decide when you are both ready to gradually increase to a full session. It will be important during one of these settling in sessions to fill out some registration forms with your key person and chat in more depth about your child's routines/ likes/ dislikes and their general personality.
We understand that leaving your child at nursery for the first time may be difficult for you but please be reassured you can call at any time, I am sure whilst you may be worrying your child will be having fun.


At Selly Oak Tree Day Nursery, our focus is on fun and learning though play. The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum guides us, which is a play-based framework. There is a wealth of research that shows play, underpinning all development and learning for young children. Play enables children to learn and develop through communication and doing, in doing children learn to think and make sense of the world around them. Most children play spontaneously although some may need adult support. Our staff is trained to support children through their play and learning stages. Staff will study your child’s interests and learning patterns and from this staff will create a stimulating environment and provide meaningful, challenging experiences.

Children learn in different ways and our activities are planned and designed to develop all learning styles. Our aim is to “bring to life” a child’s interest through using all of their senses and making it as real to them as possible. This may sometimes incorporate a visit to a working farm or the Science Museum for example, or alternatively bringing the real life experience into our nursery.

Sometimes staff will sensitively intervene with children’s activities to support their learning and to extend children’s thinking, encouraging them to become more independent. Our main focus is to build children’s confidence and self-esteem and encourage positive attitudes towards learning.

Our daily routine together with our planning will be available for you to read, we also welcome your involvement and to share your many talents.

0121 472 0881

For Parents Partnership information, call us on 0121 472 0881

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