Good nutrition is especially important for healthy development. Here at Selly Oak Tree Day Nursery we will provide a variety of nutritionally freshly cooked meals using organically grown produce from local suppliers where possible. We plan to cater for all dietary needs and preferences, with meat and fish meals we will offer a vegetarian and vegan alternative made with Soya/beans or Quorn.

All meals and healthy snacks will be freshly prepared daily on site by our qualified cook. There will be a fruit bowl and fresh drinking water/milk available all day. On many occasions, we will encourage children to get involved in cooking activities and to help set the dinner table.

To feed those young imaginations and teach children about the wider world, we would like to celebrate festivals with traditional foods and would value your input.

Registration forms will inform us of what we require in relation to information of food preferences food allergies and there severity. At this point, we can talk in more depth about how to plan for your child’s needs and how to meet them. This information will be discussed with our cook and passed onto all staff ensuring all requests are met. All children will have their own colour-coded placemats, which visually states their dietary needs. All menus and healthy eating policy will be displayed for you to read.

If you would prefer, you can bring a pack lunch providing it is a healthy lunch. We are able to offer information and advice on healthy balanced lunch boxes if needed.


On arrival, your child's key person will greet you. This is a good time to pass on any new information needed. We ask that all children be brought and collected by a responsible person, who is at least 16 years old. Children will only be able to leave our care with someone who is named on your child's admission form. We will not allow a child to leave our care with someone who is unfamiliar to us. If for any reason someone different will be collecting your child you must inform us in advance and we will set a password.

If there is someone who is not allowed to collect your child, we need to be made aware of this.

It is important that all children are collected on time as children can become distressed if left, however if you are going to be late please ring and inform us of this so we can inform your child. There will be an additional charge for persistently late collections.


All policies and procedures are available for you to read and are displayed in the reception area. All children's records are filed in a locked cabinet and will remain private and confidential.

Thank you for your time and look forward to seeing you soon.

0121 472 0881

If you want your child to eat healthy meals, call us on 0121 472 0881

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